Two days left to watch films at NYCITFF 2023

February 16 – 26

The 2023 NYCITFF is off and running! As you may have seen, the New Ohio is ending operations later this year, so come out and see these independent films on the big screen downtown for our final celebration. Three days left to join us in person! There’s even more in the festival than listed below, so for full information and tickets, click here.

Don’t forget to vote for our Audience Awards at each screening, and if you miss anything in person, catch it streaming online next week, from Feb 20-26

Tickets and Info
Friday, Feb. 17 Highlights

Workshop: Infinite Space – Making Theater in Virtual Reality
2pm, $20 individual tickets, included with All-Access Pass

Join mixed reality artist, teacher, and producer Kevin Laibson for an interactive workshop about the future of independent theatre – learn the technologies, platforms, and distribution models in XR.

* * * * *

Mendacity, directed by Reid Farrington
4pm, $14 individual tickets, included with All-Access Pass

Artists in Attendance for Post-Screening Q&A!

Filmed on location at The Connelly Theater in NYC’s East Village, Mendacity compresses the 2020 election, Capitol insurrection and transition of power into a fierce political parable of our time.
Saturday, Feb. 18 Highlights

Workshop: Staging Film – Tricks of the Trade, Merging Stage and Film
2pm, $20 individual tickets, included with All-Access Pass

Staging Film – an experimental initiative that explores invigorating, new ways to tell theater stories with film – will conduct an interactive panel discussion and workshop, offering unique insight about producing this cross-medium work, particularly within the New York, avant-garde scene.

* * * * *

Shorts Program: Everything Changes
4pm, $14 individual tickets, included with All-Access Pass

Artists in Attendance for Post-Screening Q&A!

Nothing stays the same – and everyone is affected.
In this block: metalero / The Big Pivot / Great Listener / None of the Above / This Is Harriet / Waiting Period / Women and Elephants / Wendy.

* * * * *

Unpacking, directed by Alexandra Clayton & Michal Sinnott
8pm, $14 individual tickets, included with All-Access Pass
*NY Premiere!

Artists in Attendance for Post-Screening Q&A!

Instagram famous wellness guru Keri Hart selects six single women in their 30’s to head to Bali for her signature ‘soul reset’ retreat. Claiming ‘isolation is the heart of our unhappiness,’ Keri, along with her Indonesian assistant Ni Ketut, lead the women through a series of unconventional workshops designed to unpack personal issues, including infertility, divorce, single motherhood, imposter-syndrome, and perfectionism.
Sunday, Feb., 19 Highlights

A Poem and A Mistake, directed by Tamilla Woodard
12pm, $14 individual tickets, included with All-Access Pass

Artists in Attendance for Post-Screening Q&A!

A Poem and A Mistake follows the story of Myrrha, a grad student in the classics, who is grappling with the 50 sexual assaults in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. When Myrrha’s professor refers to the poem as, ‘being about love’. Myrrha becomes so distraught that she pushes him, and suddenly, like the characters in Metamorphoses itself, he is transformed into a young woman who looks exactly like Myrrha.

* * * * *

The Goddamn Tooney Lunes, directed by Carsen Joenk
4pm, $14 individual tickets, included with All-Access Pass

Artists in Attendance for Post-Screening Q&A!

A group of geeky teens in backwoods New Hampshire start a punk band as a way to make sense of their high school angst, raging hormones, and raucous personalities. When they accidentally attract a cult following and become local town legends, they struggle to balance their wayward persona with the looming pressures of adulthood.

Published by malinism

Malini is a native New Yorker who has been involved in the arts for her entire life. She's served the theatre in many aspects of which she's very proud – actress, director, producer, stage manager, costume designer, prop designer, theatre reviewer, publicist and most recently writer/monologist. She received her BA in Theatre Arts and English Literature from Baruch College and her MFA in Directing from the Actors Studio Drama School. In 2003, Malini and her husband, Ian, created Black Henna Productions with a handful of innovative artists. Every member of the company collaborates on every piece, either writing, acting, directing, designing, or filling any other role that fit their own personal skills with a commitment to bring new, exciting, and challenging theatre to the world. She is an associate member of Stage Directors and Choreographers Society and a member of the League of Professional Theatre Women. Malini received the Woman of Distinction Award for her contribution to Media, Arts and Culture from the City of New York in 2008. She is also a Person of Godspell which ran at Circle in the Square on Broadway from 2011-2012.

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