Magis Theatre Company Announces Return of: *mark

*mark ( a solo performance of the Gospel of Mark.)

A solo performance of the Gospel of Mark by George Drance SJ. “….moving, creative, exciting, challenging, profound.” James Martin, SJ.

Written during Nero’s brutal persecution of the followers of “the way,” the Gospel of Mark was recited in its entirety to give courage to this community of quiet rebels, whose radical compassion threatened the status-quo. *mark is a solo performance that seeks to reclaim the original power and urgency of this ancient message.

Magis Artistic Director George Drance performs the entire Gospel of Mark telling the story as he imagines it was told to the early Christians. When *mark was performed at LaMaMa audience members who were not believers said that they could finally understand what it was about Christ that made people want to follow him. Those who were believers said that they heard the deeper message of the Gospel because, in hearing it from start to finish, the patterns, repetitions, and progression of Jesus’ work of salvation became not only clearer to them, but also more vibrant when hearing it as a personal witness.
Author James Martin SJ called the performance “moving, creative, exciting, challenging, profound.” Journalist Alex Santora called it “a tour de force…smooth use of voice variation and inflection to shift from one character to the next. His movements made you believe Jesus was indeed walking on water.”

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Malini is a native New Yorker who has been involved in the arts for her entire life. She's served the theatre in many aspects of which she's very proud – actress, director, producer, stage manager, costume designer, prop designer, theatre reviewer, publicist and most recently writer/monologist. She received her BA in Theatre Arts and English Literature from Baruch College and her MFA in Directing from the Actors Studio Drama School. In 2003, Malini and her husband, Ian, created Black Henna Productions with a handful of innovative artists. Every member of the company collaborates on every piece, either writing, acting, directing, designing, or filling any other role that fit their own personal skills with a commitment to bring new, exciting, and challenging theatre to the world. She is an associate member of Stage Directors and Choreographers Society and a member of the League of Professional Theatre Women. Malini received the Woman of Distinction Award for her contribution to Media, Arts and Culture from the City of New York in 2008. She is also a Person of Godspell which ran at Circle in the Square on Broadway from 2011-2012.

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