MultiStages Presents Speakout Protest Plays & More 6/21-6/25

When George Floyd was killed and the BLM message exploded, veteran MultiStages artists took to the streets. The streets were our theater, the screams were real and the pain was palpable. In deciding how to support this movement, address the slew of Asian-American attacks and the twisted COVID world surrounding us, Artistic Director and activist,Continue reading “MultiStages Presents Speakout Protest Plays & More 6/21-6/25”

StatueFest Four on June 18th at 7pm

Monologues To Put Women On a Pedestal In StatueFest, we’re filling the public square of our imagination with statues of women: we have a lot of  suggestions. Here’s what audiences said about our previous performances: ‘Very impressed with the quality.’ ‘Intensely aware of what these women have done.’ ‘A lively and inspiring evening!’ Read about how StatueFest got started on Medium.Continue reading “StatueFest Four on June 18th at 7pm”

Mac Roger’s Give Me Away Opens 7/16

Written by Mac Rogers Directed by Jordana Williams Season One, Part 1: July 16, July 23, July 30 & August 6  Season One, Part 2: September 17, September 24, October 1, October 8 & October 15 Gideon Media, the creators behind the hit podcast Steal The Stars and the critically lauded stage saga The Honeycomb Trilogy, will premiere theContinue reading “Mac Roger’s Give Me Away Opens 7/16”

Meet Tony Leone, Strong Box Theatre & The 39 Steps

Name: Tony Leone Where are you creating theatre? East Rockaway, Long Island Tell us about your current project?  We are in the process of renovating an old bank into a black box theater with a bar. It is a long and expensive endeavor. In the meantime we intend to produce shows in other venues, starting withContinue reading “Meet Tony Leone, Strong Box Theatre & The 39 Steps”

Meet The Call Theatre and Green Mist on June 13th & 14th

Name: Karen Cecilia Where are you creating theatre? Flatbush, Brooklyn Tell us about your current project?  The Call Theatre Presents: GREEN MIST (A Developmental Reading Of A Play With An Installation) What’s it about: Three families have taken refuge at a bed-and-breakfast after an unprecedented storm that produced a mysterious green mist. While the mist lingers outside,Continue reading “Meet The Call Theatre and Green Mist on June 13th & 14th”

Gideon Media Presents Wallace Shawn’s The Designated Mourner & Grasses of a Thousand Colors, 6/25 & 7/9

Gideon Media will present The Designated Mourner and Grasses of a Thousand Colors, two unnervingly prescient plays from legendary playwright Wallace Shawn and director André Gregory, as part of their new slate of scripted fiction podcasts, with distribution from public media organization PRX. The podcasts will be available free on-demand to listening audiences. These productions will reunite the legendary duo behind My DinnerContinue reading “Gideon Media Presents Wallace Shawn’s The Designated Mourner & Grasses of a Thousand Colors, 6/25 & 7/9”

Andromeda’s Sisters Arts and Advocacy Gala on June 26th

IN-PERSON TICKETS Tickets + Donation: $250 VIRTUAL TICKETS Streaming Access: $25 SPONSORS Jackie Lowey, Saunders & Associates Melissa Cohn, Raveis Mortgage  Julie Sigler Baum, East End AcupunctureDanos Tequila VIP ADVOCACY GUESTS Alexis McGill Johnson, President, Planned Parenthood Serena Liguori, Founder, New Hour Angie Cruz, award-winning Author of Dominicana PERFORMANCES Performance reading of playwright Kathryn Grant’sContinue reading “Andromeda’s Sisters Arts and Advocacy Gala on June 26th”

Meet Sloppy Bonnie

Sloppy Bonnie Announce New Streaming Dates: June 21-July 15 Nashville, TN: No Puppet Co. (funded by a grant from Vanderbilt University and the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise & Public Policy)announces new performance dates for their streaming World Premiere of Sloppy Bonnie, a roadkill musical for the modern chick created by playwright Krista Knight and composer Barry Brinegar and directed by Leah Lowe. TheContinue reading “Meet Sloppy Bonnie”