EstroGenius Festival 2014 – 15th Year!

cropped-EstroLogo-24in-200dpi 2EstroGenius 2014 – Our 15th Year!
October 2nd thru November 1st
Can you believe EstroGenius is 15??? Neither can we!The last 15 years have been amazing. We grew from a small festival with 10 short plays to a multi-week extravaganza covering all disciplines of art. But, despite our growth, at its heart, Estro continues to be the festival that Fiona Jones created and we love being able to provide opportunities for female artists (as well as a few choice men, our honorary EstroBabes).We never would have made this far or this long without YOUR support. So thank you.Of course, we are always in need of a little love and so if you’d like to be part of this momentous year, please donate here. ANY amount makes a difference and is ridiculously appreciated.This year’s festival will be in not one, but TWO fantastic venues: Cheryl King’s Stage Left Studios and The 4th Street Theatre, home of the New York Theatre Workshop (where you may recently have seen Flux’s Jane the Plain).We are in the process of finalizing our schedule, so to be sure you are up on the latest and greatest all-things-Estro news, please visit us at, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.In the meantime, (as we may have mentioned) we’d love it if you could show us some love.

See you in October!

P.S. Can’t spare the cash but still want to support Estro? There’s plenty to be done, so just email us at and we will put you to work!

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