A Play by Nick Radu

Directed by Malini Singh McDonald

What if your imaginary friend doesn’t want the job?

Jack Cartwright has passed on after being involved in a tragic car accident. Before passing on to “the other side,” Jack must take on the job as Imaginary Friend to 8‐year‐old Molly Hamilton. Jack is just another notch in Molly’s candy lipstick case as she has been through six Imaginary Friends already in her short life. Sampson, the angelic spirit in charge of the Imaginary Friend Network, explains the rules of imaginary friending to a reluctant Jack, who finds the task slightly more daunting than he expected.

Next performance will be as part of the New York New Works Theatre Festival in late summer 2016.


Greg Carere
Marley Cetti
Laura Cetti
Ian McDonald
Trey K. Blackburn
Stephanie Marie Andersen

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