Lonely Moon Fundraiser

Fed up with being human and dealing with life’s disappointments, Nick wishes to be far away from humanity.  His wish is granted as another soul, who longs to experience all that being human has to offer, takes his place; the Moon.  How will this small midwestern town deal with a celestial being inhabiting the body of its resident nerd?  Find out as love and friendship take on many forms in this new musical comedy.

WHEN: May 22nd at 7pm

WHERE: 120 East 56th Street, Room 300

Please RSVP by emailing Malini@theatrebeyondbroadway.com or by securing your seat by donating HERE

STARRING: Brett Hunter, Laura Cetti, Michael Reep, Larissa Adamczyk, Joshua Cavanaugh, Laura Packer, Rich Feldman, Jim Haines Lori Santopetro, Martin Sola, Matt Frenzel

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