PR & Marketing Services

If you are interested in my PR and Marketing services, I offer a the below services at a rate that would fit your budget. Click HERE for my current and past clients.


Goal:  To explore and customize a marketing plan to bring attention to your show

  • Create a strategic marketing plan
  • Explore marketing ideas, strategies and content
  • Consultant
  • Program Design

Public Relations

Goal:  To secure a special relationship with the theatre-going public via promoting and publicizing your show

  • Writing services include preparing and sending press releases to all major press and media such as TimeOut NY, Theatremania, NY Times
  • Specializing in over 30 online theatre listing sites
  • Maintain positive media relations and maximizes positive publicity
  • Create a Featured Listing on Theatre Beyond Broadway which is a dedicated page with detailed information (cast/crew, audio/video clips, links to show website and social media)

If you would like more information, please email me at


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