Happening Woman: A New Musical


Happening Woman is a new music written by AnnaMarie Prono and Bob Kaufmann; Directed by Cathy Chimenti

An original, new musical that alternates scenes from the time Mother Cabrini came to NYC with a modern day 13 year old who has multiple sclerosis.

The life of Mother Cabrini is being resurrected as the public, especially New Yorkers, learn about her contributions, The goal is to not only share her trailblazing story but to inspire others to stand in their power and become their own “happening” person.

Happening Woman is more than a feel good musical. It’s about real people and real life situations and finding solutions. We aren’t highlighting the negative, rather we are celebrating a real life miracle maker, who lived and worked in New York City. She made a difference in the lives of people who are no longer with us, but today she continues to motivate and bring positive energy to all who are receptive. We want our show to resonate with the youth in our communities. Mother Cabrini was a courageous woman and she is the role model we should all strive to emulate.

When: Saturday, November 13th at 7:00pm and Sunday, November 14th at 2:30pm

Where: Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church
70-01 Kessel Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375

Meet the Cast

  • Sahil Arora
    Celine Bakhchi
  • Isaac Bakhchi
  • Jacob Bakhchi
  • Brianna Beerman
  • Useemit Channan
  • Michael Chimenti
  • Renee Colavito
  • Alondra Cruz
  • Patricia-Ann Cruz Fulgado
  • Xavier Frank
  • Sofia Hunt
  • Nathan Koo
  • Toby Koo
  • Joanna Lamb
  • Delinda Pisapia
  • Nili Resnick
  • Kristin Robles
  • Talia Robles
  • Arianne Shapiro
  • Ryan Stahl
  • Cecilia Vaicels
  • Mark York

Meet the Team

  • Cathy Chimenti, Director
  • AnnaMarie Prono, Playwright
  • Bob Kaufmann, Composer
  • Brett Roelofs, Music Director
  • Amanda Montoni, Choreographer
  • Nick Radu-Blackburn, Dramaturge and Associate Producer
  • Patrick Talbot, Stage Manager
  • Malini Singh McDonald, Executive Producer

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